women and sports

The importance of sports for women

It is worth noting that sports are not limited to men only, but sports are of great importance to women, as studies have proven that sports have many benefits and special importance for women, and it is necessary to know the types of sports that suit women and their nature.

Types of sports that are suitable for women
There are many different sports that suit the nature and flexibility of women and do not represent a burden or hard effort on them. These sports include:

Exercising brightens the skin and makes it look younger

Sports help women to control weight; It burns calories, increases metabolic processes, and converts fatty tissue into muscle tissue. Thus, exercise loses weight, giving it a consistent and taut body.
Exercise burns the stubborn fat accumulated in different areas of the body, especially in the abdomen.
Exercise tightens all the muscles of the body and eliminates the problem of "cellulite".
Sports rejuvenate the skin, by stimulating the hormone "collagen" responsible for cell renewal, which delays the appearance of signs of wrinkles and skin tightening.