Who Are the Yazidis,,,Yazidi women

Because of the absence of fair writings about the Yezidi religion and the Yezidi community and their history being distorted and deceived, and because of the shortcomings in the writings that convey the description of the Yezidi community in an impartial and equitable manner, the field of writing about the religion, its foundations, sacred books, religious classes and what is related to them, customs, traditions, catastrophes and disasters they have been exposed to, is determined, and the research In the role of the Yezidi woman, she is absent from investigation, research, analysis, diagnosis, and historical writing, and a failure to define and highlight her important role within the repercussions of the history of this eventful society. Yezidi women have been wronged in this area. They have not been paid attention to, and their cultural, political and social activities were not highlighted, and the observer and reader did not recognize the names of the women Notable among them except (Mian Khatun),

Historically and socially, the Yezidi woman had an important position from various directions, because her management of her home and the affairs of her family was accepted as a social custom. Within her family, the other and important aspect was the acceptance and success of the Yazidi woman in managing the affairs of society, so her role was pioneering since ancient times.
At the present time, despite all the violations, abuse and sale in the slave market by ISIS mercenaries, it is still characterized by its strong personality to reach the most prestigious levels of life and society.

This awareness and concern on the part of the Yazidi woman in her society and the advancement of her society, despite what she was exposed to, shows that she has broken an important barrier of silence that surrounded women in the Middle East when they were subjected to attacks, and they began to convey their suffering themselves. Professionally by international feminist organizations, as many surviving women and girls participated in documentaries or conferences and talked about what happened to them and conveyed the demands and voice of the women kidnapped by ISIS mercenaries to the world, all the way to the largest global decision centers “the US Congress and the United Nations”, she demonstrated her strong will after surviving.