women in india

The reality of women in India is not much different from the reality of women in many developing countries, where they have many responsibilities in exchange for fewer rights. It is seen as the weakest part of society.

However, the situation in which women live in India is more complex, given the nature of society, which is governed by cultural concepts, customs and traditions that derive their origins from religious beliefs. Indian society is by nature a class society by virtue of belief.

Women in Indian Civilization:

 As the Qaidiyah religion gave women a prominent position, but with the development that India witnessed and the increase in the priests and their control, they changed the status of women to an inferior position. Brahma is considered the main god of the Hindu religion, and Hinduism is not the main religion in India, but it is considered the history and civilization of India, and through this religion we see the development of the position of women in Indian society. . all areas of her life.

Also, the religious system in India mixed with other systems, such as the political, social and economic system, and in order for the religious and political authority holders to guarantee their authority, they tried to establish the caste and social system so that it guaranteed them power and thus the caste system was crystallized in the Hindus. Since it is in their view that absolute freedom is not permissible and appropriate for a woman, but rather she must be under the care of her father when she is young and when she grows up in the care of her husband and later in the care of her son, and the Hindu religion has imposed a bad system for women that makes them captive to her husband in all areas of her life. . A woman has to obey her husband even if he is wrong or perverted, and the Hindu society described women as corrupt and corrupting in Hindu women.