women in morocco

The issue of women cannot be discussed in isolation from the issues of society, because it is an integral part of it, and this can only be done within the framework of an integrated national development project. Therefore, we raise a number of questions about the status of women in Morocco and the status granted to them by the laws, especially Islam, and what The great role it plays in society.
2. The status of women in Moroccan society: Despite the advancement of the status of women, and their occupation of a number of high positions, they are still suffering from several persecutions and usurpations of their rights, left behind by an ideology known to Morocco during the past centuries, which made women rank lower than men. It is in the region to address this serious problem that touches the dignity of women and destroys them more and more, knowing that women have an important role in the formation of society. The responsibilities that women bear, whether inside or outside the home, do not increase their respect on the part of some groups that despise their capabilities
Returning to the new Moroccan Constitution of 2011, it states in its preamble that Morocco is “based on the principles of equality, equal opportunities and social justice.” It also states in its sixth chapter that “public authorities work to provide the conditions that enable the generalization of the actual nature of the freedom of citizens and citizens, equality between them, and their participation in political life. As for the nineteenth chapter, it affirmed that “men and women equally enjoy the civil, political, economic, social, cultural and environmental rights and freedoms contained in this section of the Constitution and in its other requirements, as well as in international conventions and charters as ratified by Morocco, and all within the scope of the provisions of the Constitution. and the principles of the Kingdom and its laws.