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Miss World is a competition held annually in one of the world's cities, in which girls who have been chosen as beauty queens in their countries compete for the crown of "Miss World". The title of Miss is a title given to a "beautiful" girl in a country in the world in which she participates in the Miss Miss World contest, so that the winner gets the Miss World crown. A map of the countries that won the Miss World contest with an indication of the number of times they won The Miss World contest is held annually in one of the cities of the world that organizes the contest with the participation of girls from different regions of the world. Countries such as Turkey, Egypt, Malaysia, Lebanon, Indonesia and India also participate in the contest

The organizers of each competition may determine the rules of the competition, including the age group of the contestants. The rules may also require contestants to be unmarried and to be "virtuous," "amateur," and available for promotions, among other criteria. It may also specify the clothing standards in which the contestants will be judged, including the type of swimwear. Beauty pageants are usually multi-level, with local pageants entering the larger pageants. For example, there are hundreds or thousands of local competitions for international competitions.